Aphex Twin Shares Six Serpentine New Tracks

The songs were all made with Korg products, including the Monologue synth that Richard D. James helped design.
July 11, 2017, 3:16pm
Foto cortesía del artista.

British dance music alchemist Aphex Twin today released a new set of tracks produced on Korg synthesizers. The set features five short solos in nontraditional tunings—all made on the Korg synth he designed unique musical scales for, the Monologue—and a frenetic electro track called "korg funk 5." For that one he also exclusively used equipment produced by the Japanese manufacturer, and enlisted his son for a brief vocal cameo at the beginning.


Along with this new track bundle, Aphex also shared an extended interview with the ex-Korg engineer Tatsuya Takahashi, who he collaborated with in producing the Monologue. Their exchange is mostly about pretty technical aspects of electronic music production and synth engineering, but it also contains also lots of more accessible information about the Warp artist. He talks about his path to discovering non-traditional scales, his secret love of vintage synth demos, and his history of customizing audio equipment.

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