Scorpio, August 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli 


This story is over 5 years old.


Scorpio, August 2017

You're a control freak, Scorpio, but you'll need to give that up during this hectic month.

It is a fact that Scorpios collapse with despair if they don't get enough drama in their lives. Fortunately, August is action-packed with drama (two eclipses, a Mercury retrograde), so you should be all right, little scorpion.

The month opens with the vibe intense as hell (literally, Pluto rules hell) when Jupiter, in Libra, clashes with Pluto, in Capricorn, on August 4. Powerful communications will take place, so watch for the messages coming your way and the people you meet. People are driven to get their agendas fulfilled, and while this combination of planetary energies is motivating, you have to watch for obsessive behavior and greed.


The first eclipse of the month lands on August 7: a lunar eclipse, in Air sign Aquarius, that will stir up deep emotions, Scorpio. Eclipses bring massive reveals, so expect to see something you were blind to before—your family, your early childhood, and your current living situation are likely themes that this eclipse will trigger.

Eclipses are exhausting, and you'll be especially sensitive and nostalgic during this one. Your foundation and support system may feel shaky—but that's all right. Yes, it's scary to feel uprooted from your comfort zone; however, the purpose of an eclipse is to remove us from situations that aren't serving us anymore and push us in the right direction.

On August 12, Mercury begins its retrograde in Virgo, which will find you reconnecting with old friends (and probably running late, so keep your schedule flexible). Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation due to its tendency to cause miscommunications and delays. This isn't a great time to start projects—instead, return to a past project you weren't able to focus on.

Venus, in fellow Water sign Cancer (an ultra sensitive energy), opposes Pluto, in Capricorn, on August 15, which will certainly be a tricky day, especially as it relates to communication in your relationships. Circle it on your calendar.

Some hot dirty talk could go down; however, sweet Venus, in opposition to the lord of the underworld, Pluto, could bring out people's dark sides: jealousy, obsession, and manipulation. Seek outside perspective from someone you trust; having someone to vent to, and sort out your feelings with, will be helpful.


A solar eclipse in Leo lands August 21, and it will be major for your career and your reputation. There are new directions you want to go in, and things are happening quickly! You could be thrust, unexpectedly, into the spotlight during the eclipse, or an opportunity to do something special, behind the scenes, could come your way.

Whatever you're doing, Scorpio, make sure you love it and that your heart's in it. Everyone is more successful when they do something they're passionate about, but this is especially true for you, little scorpion—when you love something, you're all in, totally unstoppable!

Ask yourself if you still have the same passion and drive as you did when you first started chasing your goals—if you don't, this eclipse is a good time to reorient yourself.

Again, eclipses bring drama, so expect this Leo (a Fire sign with a penchant for theatrics) to be over the top. There's nothing you love more than your secrets, but this won't be an easy time to keep them under wraps. So don't get up to any shady shit, my little scorpion!

This is a fantastic time to network, professionally and socially. You love nothing more than burning a bridge, Scorpio, but now, you will be inclined to build them! Again, Mercury retrograde is reconnecting you with people from your past, so check in with friends who may have important messages or lessons.

On August 25, or 26, if you're on the East Coast, Venus enters Leo, inspiring you to soak up the spotlight. You might be the most mysterious sign in the zodiac; however, when you're in the mood to seek attention, you're pretty bold!

Venus rules style in addition to money and love, so while it's in Leo, wear some gold and stock up on pieces that make you feel like a powerful professional. Leo is the sign of royalty, so anything that makes you feel regal is perfect.

Mercury reenters Leo on its retrograde journey on August 31, activating the sector of your chart that rules your career and your reputation, so expect themes from July to pop back up.

Mercury is the planet of communication, and how does Leo say what it wants to say? It roars. If something you shouted earlier this summer wasn't received properly, you'll have a chance, before the month is over, to make your voice clear again. See you in September, Scorpio!