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Bold Black Botanical Drawings Bash Back at Addiction

UK artist and dietician Tam Farrell free-associates her vices and curiosities with mesmerizing nature drawings.
Images courtesy the artist

The black magic of black ink is that it's a source of meditation for UK-based artist Tam Farrell, who visually fights addictive substances by replacing them with flowers and other beautiful objects. The Australia-born illustrator's bold style, ideal for tattoos, helps her capture stray thoughts and share them with friends.

"I like to merge mismatched ideas together to create a quirky juxtaposition," Farrell tells Creators. "My mind seems to be subconsciously fishing for inspiration all the time; in lyrics, conversations, jokes, dreams, London, home. Usually something pops into my head that I find amusing so I put it on paper." A series called The Best Kind of Addiction applies this process to the substances used by those around her: cigarettes, booze, and McDonalds French fries. As a dietician, the final entry is personal.


Farrell is a self-taught artist who stopped drawing and studied nutrition after a high school teacher discouraged her from pursuing art. Now, she draws for her own satisfaction, selling her drawings on a humble Etsy store. Much of her work has to do with food, but she seems more indulgent than you'd expect from a trained nutritionist. Check out her simple, satisfying style below.

Flower Pot

Follow Tam Farrell's work here. Check out Creators' Instagram page to find your next favorite artist.


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