Introducing VICE Investigates, a Bold New Documentary Series From VICE News and Hulu

The first three hourlong episodes premiere on Nov. 1
Russian rapper Husky performs in front of fans in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Get ready for more VICE News, in a new place.

VICE Media is announcing a new hourlong docuseries, VICE Investigates, that will stream exclusively on Hulu starting Nov. 1.

VICE Investigates comes to you from the award-winning producers and correspondents at VICE News, and will feature stories told through a distinct reporting lens, immersive narratives, and fresh perspectives on the important — and sometimes controversial — issues defining today’s culture.


Hulu has ordered a 10-episode season of VICE Investigates, which will drop once a month after the first three episodes in November.

Each one-hour episode will provide audiences with an in-depth experience exploring timely topics and questions, such as the complex geopolitical divide between Iran and Saudi Arabia; the seldom-seen human side of K-Pop rockstars; and the intersex and transgender athletes attempting to redefine the gender lines of competition in a non-binary world.

The first three premiere episodes of VICE Investigates will include:

Amazon on Fire: Emmy award–winning VICE News correspondent Seb Walker will take audiences to the front lines of the fires blazing throughout the Amazon, where politics are rolling back decades of work to save the forest and potentially the planet.

Russia's War on Hip-Hop: Hip-hop has taken Russia by storm, quickly becoming one of the most popular genres for young people. Emmy–winning correspondent Alzo Slade embeds with Russia's most controversial musicians to explore artistic freedom under Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A Middle East Divided: VICE Founder Shane Smith provides a definitive look at the escalating tensions in the world's most volatile region. With authoritarianism on the rise, record-breaking military spending, and ever-increasing tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, VICE travels to Yemen, Israel, Bahrain, and Lebanon to better understand the Middle East's shifting geopolitical landscape.

VICE Investigates joins a growing portfolio of news programming from VICE, including VICE News Tonight, which starts a new season on Viceland in January.

Cover: Russian rapper Husky performs in front of fans in Donetsk, Ukraine. Photo: Rylan M. Scherer/VICE News.