Watch Cardi B and Bernie's Long-Awaited Video Collab

In the 12-minute-long video, the two discuss police brutality, immigration, health insurance, and eliminating student debt.
Bettina Makalintal
Brooklyn, US
a screenshot of a political video starring bernie sanders and cardi b
Screenshot via YouTube

New York rapper Cardi B and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders teased their unexpected political union two weeks ago by announcing a video of the two of them talking about the issues of the current moment, including climate change and raising the minimum wage. People are clearly interested in what the two have to say, since a teaser Cardi posted on Instagram just yesterday has already picked up over 6.5 million views. As of this morning, the full-length video is now live on Sanders's YouTube. In the near 12-minute-long video, the odd couple gets real about police brutality, immigration, health insurance, and eliminating student debt.


While sure, it's a promotional video for both sides, the two have a true back-and-forth on the issues. Cardi poses smart questions and Sanders offers policy suggestions. "I don't want people thinking that that we're trying to attack the police because let me tell you, there was this one time that I started to feel like 'I hate the police, they're pigs.' But there's a lot of cops that go in their jobs and they want to protect people," Cardi says in one scene. To that, Bernie responds, "So we need police departments that look like the communities they serve and we get rid of a lot of this militarization of the police department."

The point of the video is to get young people more involved in politics, and the video does a good job of looping people in by presenting the issues in an easy format. You might not have time to keep up with all the debates, but most people can skim through a 12-minute YouTube clip.

Despite having pretty similar views, Bernie tweeted, their nails remain "juuuust a little different." Sounds like someone could have benefited a little more from the video's setting in a nail salon.