Watch Carlos Gomez Beat the Shit Out of Some Water Coolers

The Tampa Bay Rays outfielder is batting under .200. Cut the man some slack.
July 4, 2018, 7:06pm
Screen capture via MLB Cut4/Twitter

Carlos Gomez is having an incredibly shitty year, to say the least. His average is below the Mendoza Line and he's not hitting anywhere near his weight, batting .196 through 70 games in his first season with Tampa Bay (for those wondering, he weighs 220 pounds, according to He's slashing .196/.272/.324 in what can only be described as the worst season of his career.

His frustrations appeared to reach a boiling point in the Rays' fourth of July game against the Marlins. Gomez struck out in the second inning in his first plate appearance of the game and lost his mind once he got back the dugout, unleashing his anger on some unsuspecting water coolers. Take that!


Beyond the strikeout, Gomez was apparently upset about a non-call from the home plate umpire. From ESPN:

The Rays had runners at first and second with no outs in the second inning when Gomez squared to bunt on an 0-1 pitch from Marlins right-hander Jose Urena.

The ball appeared to hit Gomez's right hand, but plate umpire Chris Segal called it a foul ball, saying that Gomez had offered at the pitch. Gomez struck out on the next pitch and appeared to say something briefly to Segal as he headed to the dugout.

Let's just hope for Gomez's sake that his uppercut punch didn't cause any damage to his throwing hand like it did recently to some dummy in San Francisco.