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The Girl With the Accidental Blue Jays Neck Tattoo

"Okay well my neck is LITERALLY the Toronto blue jays logo. Fuck.”
Photo courtesy of Amanda Fiske.

A favourite pastime on the internet is looking at tattoos that have gone wrong.

We’ve all seen the images: a name spelled wrong, a baby who looks like a gremlin, a signature that looks like a dick, that sort of thing. A popular subgenre of this is the sports tattoo—and that’s exactly what happened to Amanda Fiske, albeit unwittingly.

Fiske, a 25-year-old Boston dog walker, got herself a neck tattoo of two things she loved that reminded her of growing up in the Boston suburbs: a blue jay from her parents' bird feeder, and a red maple leaf because she loves when the leaves turn. Her tattoo artist took those two elements and created an image that Fiske got on her neck—it was a painful process, one she described to VICE as “being choked with your throat being slit open at the same time.”


It’s also an image that looks exactly like the Toronto Blue Jays logo.

When her friends saw it, one quipped to her about the similarity which spurred Fiske, about a year ago to tweet out, “Okay well my neck is LITERALLY the Toronto blue jays logo. Fuck.” She more or less forgot about the similarities until Jon Teegs, a vocal Cubs fan on Twitter, tweeted out her two tweets together with the caption “funniest thing I’ve seen all day” and shit popped off.

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It’s an odd thing for a non-sports fan to be thrust into the frothy sea of Sports Twitter™. If forced to pick a team, Fiske said she’d be a Red Sox fan, but couldn’t name a single Blue Jays player

“I wouldn’t describe myself as a baseball fan but the Red Sox are naturally in my blood, I guess,” Fiske told VICE. “I was twelve when we won the world series and that was a big thing but ever since then it’s been whatever.”

“Sports isn’t my forte but if I had to pick a team it would be the Red Sox.”

Photos courtesy of Amanda Fiske.

She said here’s no real plan to cover up the tattoo that she loves, and that she doesn’t mind being an unwitting joke on sports Twitter. All and all she’s taking being a meme in jest.

“This isn’t exactly the legacy I was hoping for at all, but it’s definitely funny. I’m not into sports at all so to have baseball Twitter and sports Twitter come at me is funny,” Fiske said. “It’s definitely interesting, some people love it, some people hate it, it’s funny to scroll through everything.”

“It’s mainly just Blue Jays fans talking shit.”

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