Dance Angrily to the Righteous Fury of Stefana Fratila's "Swallowed Seeds"

The Toronto-via-Romania producer makes avant-garde techno that tackles misogynist violence with seething, technology-aided rage.
June 8, 2018, 3:05pm
Photo By Sara Wylie

While there are moderates out there who say that the best response to the increasing aggression of oppressors and bigots is to be the better person and practice empathy, sometimes you just have to destroy a motherfucker to get your point across. Romanian-born, Toronto-based DJ/producer Stefana Fratila gets this, and her new single "Swallowed Seeds" (her first for the Bedroomer label) is unique for communicating justified violence while still operating in the dance music sphere. It's essentially a subversive Riot Grrl manifesto against misogynist boors disguised within the spaced-out keys of techno. "You'll only love me when I'm knocked down," Fratila sings frailly, before her voice becomes a vocoderized, bestial roar at the climax.


"There’s a definitely lot of anger on 'Swallowed Seeds,'" Fratila tells Noisey. "It has my most violent lyric to date, 'I see a man in a suit and I break his neck.' There is something deeply ironic and simultaneously empowering in hearing such a twisted, cutthroat lyric coming from a small body and a disabled young woman, because I am not about to (or really able to) respond with physically violence towards men who perpetuate violence. But my beats carry that energy for what my body can’t." Stream "Swallowed Seeds" below.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.