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LeBron Chalk Prank at UCF Causes Evacuation

A student wearing a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey went into a University of Central Florida classroom and threw up some "chalk." The fuzz got scared.
Screen capture via YouTube/NBA

Listen, not everyone us up on the sickest trends in powder-throwing at sports games. And even if you are—I suppose you'd rather be safe than sorry, say, like, I dunno, if it were anthrax or something.

Police on the University of Central Florida campus were suspicious of a young man who walked into a classroom and threw up a bunch of powder, so they went on what must have been a hilarious-for-everybody manhunt:


It even caused an evacuation of a school building:

Here is where it starts to get really good:

At some point, maybe one of the younger guys on the squad decided to tip off the old dude who thought this was an anthrax scare, and so police started taking into account that maybe it was just a prank? Or maybe at least one student in the class that was disrupted, you know, watched basketball at some point in his or her life?

“We think it was going to be some type of stunt, like the LeBron James stunt.” Good, good. Yes, yes. There's a chance that the whole scene looked something like this:

To be fair to the police, these pranksters were reaching pret-ty far back into the archives for this one—LeBron stopped doing the chalk toss thing way back in 2014—and school safety has become a prominent issue in the wake of the Parkland shootings. So it does indeed seem like they were going the better safe than sorry route.

But also:

A student said the man yelled, “I’m taking my talents elsewhere. I’m going to Miami,” as he threw the powder.

Oh, and also also: