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Seven Women Allege Sexual Misconduct Against Ducktails' Matt Mondanile in New Report

News broke Friday that Mondanile had been fired from Real Estate amidst allegations of "unacceptable treatment of women."

On Friday, Spin released a report that former Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile, who also performs under the solo project Ducktails, had been dismissed from the band amidst sexual misconduct allegations. Real Estate confirmed that they had fired Mondanile in a statement to Noisey, while Mondanile issued a statement denying the allegations to Pitchfork.

A new report has accounts from seven different women alleging that Mondanile touched, kissed, and groped them without their consent.


According to the report:

Two women alleged that Mondanile groped them while they were sleeping, and a third said that he did so while she was trying to sleep…One woman spoke extensively about the psychological and emotional fallout from her experience with Mondanile, and said that she'd barely spoken to any friends about what had happened to her. Mary, the accuser who met Mondanile after a 2013 Real Estate show in Brooklyn, claims that she spoke to an industry friend and mutual acquaintance of Mondanile's about his behavior that night and was brushed off.

Read the rest of the piece over at Spin.

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