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Someone Turned James Comey into a Crime-Fighting Comic-Book Hero

The 24-page comic focuses on the former FBI director's "origin story."

James Comey's new book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership has already become such a massive best seller that it's likely only a matter of time before someone pulls a Fire and Fury and decides to turn the thing into prestige TV. But before that happens, it looks like we're going to get a very different kind of Comey spinoff: a comic book based on the former FBI director's life.

According to the Springfield News-Ledger, TidalWave Comics has released a 24-page comic based on James Comey's life—but don't expect some kind of zany, Barry & Joe–style superhero story where Comey summons the will of justice to rain lightning down on his foes or whatever.


The comic, written by Michael Frizell, is the latest in a TidalWave series called Political Power, which centers on "biographies of modern politics" and has already spawned comic-book histories of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Colin Powell, among others. Comey's comic will mostly focus on the former FBI director's early life, or, as TidalWave puts it, his "origin story."

"As a teenager, James Comey was the victim of a home invasion by a masked man known as the Ramsey Rapist," TidalWave wrote in a statement, referring to the 1977 incident when Comey and his brother were held at gunpoint in their home. "The experience forever changed him, instilling in him a desire to seek justice for the oppressed and to prosecute those who do others harm."

The first issue follows Comey through his actual experience with the Ramsey Rapist up through his career in law, where his "success at prosecuting high-profile people like Martha Stewart would lead him to occupy the top cop job in the United States." This first Comey comic doesn't delve into the ex-FBI boss's run-in with Trump, so if you're looking for a comic-book adaptation of the juiciest morsels from A Higher Loyalty, you'll have to wait until TidalWave's planned sequel comic, reportedly set in the "Trump era."

"To put it mildly, Comey’s story is in flux," writer Michael Frizell said in the statement. "For this first book, I thought it best [to] explore what makes the man tick. What motivates him?"

The first issue of Political Power: James Comey is already for sale on Amazon, so if you enjoyed A Higher Loyalty but wished there were more drawings of Comey looking stern as a child, you can go pick up a copy for $6 right now.

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