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LOL: Did Gosha Rubchinskiy​ Design a Tattoo for Kanye Using

The website—favored by high school art students the world over—is the easiest hack in the book.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

So, some news: Kanye West is back on Twitter. You'll know this because GQ wet their pants over it (they like fashion), Cosmopolitan farted out word spaghetti (they like the Jenners) and we ran a story (we like Kanye).

Among many things (Kanye declaring there to be a shift in consciousness, sharing some shoe designs, firing shots at Nike), he announced that he'd had famous designer Gosha Rubchinskiy compose a tattoo for him. Specifically, this piece of ink is a neck tattoo and it spells the name of Kanye's child. Which, aww, cute. But also: Gosha, my guy, isn't this font available on

Excusing the typo in my tweet above (sorry Gosha, I'd drank too much lucozade), it seems to show a similarity between the design on the left and the design on the right (made by me, using the font Art Dystopia from popular art student website

While I'm not saying Gosha made a tattoo for the world's biggest artist using a freely available font (and one I might have used liberally in my A-level art class), I am saying if he did then I do admire his steez. Either he's engaged in trolling of the highest calibre, the ultimate piss-take, pure laziness or all three. Whatever the answer, fashion seems like some easy shit, huh? Gucci, Fendi – sign me up.

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