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Drake Brought Out Cardi B at OVO Fest for "Bodak Yellow"

It's a big co-sign for rap's current breakout star.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Image via YouTube

This year hasn't really had a Song of the Summer, but Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" has come closer than most. It's the Bronx rapper's much-deserved breakout hit, and sees her announcing herself as a force to be taken very seriously indeed by the rap world. And it seems that the rap world is responding. Last night at the eighth iteration of his OVO Fest in Toronto, Drake brought out Cardi to play "Bodak Yellow", and, as you'll see below, had the whole place eating from the palm of her painstakingly manicured hand:


Storming out in blonde hair and a full-length fur coat (what else?) Cardi gave it to the sold-out crowd like a veteran, proving to any naysayers who might have written her off as a social media or reality TV fad that she's a star. The Drake co-sign will also only help her to move onwards and upwards, and honestly, considering how meteoric her rise has been, who knows how far she could go.

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