“This has been terrifying": Christine Blasey Ford's life is still in chaos

“The threats have been unending."
October 8, 2018, 5:45pm

While Brett Kavanaugh, accused of sexual assault and misconduct by numerous women, prepares for his first day as a Supreme Court justice, Christine Blasey Ford still has not been able to return to her home because of ongoing threats.

Ford, who said Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party in 1982 when they were teens, publicly testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about her accusations last month. Since then, Ford and her family have not been living in their home in California, and she has received “unending” threats, according to one of her attorneys.


It’s uncertain if Ford, 51, will return to her position as a psychology professor at Palo Alto University, according to a report from the San Jose Mercury News.

“This has been terrifying. Her family has been through a lot,” Debra Katz said Sunday on MSNBC. “They are not living at home. It’s going to be quite some time before they’re able to live at home. The threats have been unending. It’s deplorable. It’s been very frightening.”

While testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ford said she was terrified to come forward with her allegations but felt that it was her civic duty.

Prominent GOP officials, including President Donald Trump, have accused Ford and Democrats who supported her of attempting to ruin Kavanaugh’s life. Kavanaugh, previously a judge on the D.C. circuit court of appeals, was confirmed Saturday and sworn in later that day. He’s scheduled to hear his first case on the high court Tuesday.