The 'Midsommar' Bear Toys Are the Perfect Gift for the Evil Cultists in Your Life

It's a bear in a cage!
screenshot via A24

Last year, back when Ari Aster's Hereditary was traumatizing audiences at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, A24 had a great idea: Why not scare filmgoers even more by sneaking horrifying dolls from the movie into their hotels? The prank was such a hit that A24 even opened an Etsy shop to sell more of the dolls after the campaign. Now, it looks like the studio is at it again—this time, in honor of Aster's follow-up, Midsommar. On Tuesday, A24 revealed a new "bear in a cage" toy, and it's the perfect gift for the horror fans or evil Pagan cult members in your life.


The company even made a eerily adorable commercial to go along with it, complete with a catchy jingle:

Yes, it's a bear, it's a bear, it's a bear in a cage! It's also a hilarious way to promote one of the most unexpectedly funny movies of the year—well, you know, besides all the stomach-turning gore and ritualistic murders. Now you can celebrate the summer solstice yourself without the hassle of traveling all the way to Hårga. (It's unclear whether the bear comes with another figurine stuffed inside, so you'll have to buy one if you want to check for a zipper on its belly or whatever.)

The toy will be available to purchase on the A24 web shop beginning July 10. It's selling for $32, but there are only 75 going up for sale—so if you want one, you better jump on it. Psilocybin mushrooms not included!