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We Went to Wierd 500

I’ve met very few people who are able to actually have fun at their own parties and Pieter (as the following photos will show) is one of them. Wierd has been around in various incarnations since 2002.
October 12, 2012, 4:13pm

Wednesday night was a landmark in the wildling world of Wierd. I’ve written so much about this party/label/way of life that I’ve had to add the reversed vowel spelling to my computer’s dictionary so it will cease to autocorrect. The landmark? Pieter Schoolwerth has thrown over 500 live events. Think about that for a second. Even attempting to wrap my head around that makes me exhausted. That’s probably about 499 more “live events” than you’ve thrown if you even count that one loft party where you helped your asshole roommate set up a couple of turn tables and a mixer in your living room and listened to him blare Michael Jackson records to a few drunk college kids who were only dancing because that’s what they thought they had to do to get laid until your uptight neighbor (aka me) complained and you were secretly relieved that you finally got to kick everyone out and go to bed.

I’ve met very few people who are able to actually have fun at their own parties and Pieter (as the following photos will show) is one of them. Wierd has been around in various incarnations since 2002. Were any of you even old enough to drink then? I was, but just barely. The first event according to the Wierd online archive was actually four days after I turned 21. Unfortunately I didn’t discover the joys of surrendering myself to the cold front until the party had been well established for some time. Nearly ten years later it’s still the mid-week anchor for hot young things (and not so young hot things.) Basically what I’m saying here is please be impressed by Mr. Schoolwerth’s dedication to making Wednesday night the most enjoyable of the week.


How better to celebrate this auspicious milestone than with Swedish artist and musician Tobias Bernstrup performing stateside the first time in about five years. His full metal angel drag and sexy synth licks were the perfect reward for a crowd that was slightly thinned by the competing Morrissey concert at Radio City Music Hall. I don’t know about you losers, but I’d rather spend my night in a basement watching bodies dance in the smoke and feel good about life than smashed in a crowd of 6000 people listening to the world’s most pompous priss and feel bad about life.

Seriously? I don’t know how anyone could feel bad about the state of the world after looking at this picture. I love this city.

Okay, so maybe not all Morrissey fans feel bad about life. It takes a special kind of babe to make Morrissey merch look good.

Tobias Bernstrupp played a majestic set full of pelvic thrusts and electronic lust. While I’m sad I didn’t know enough to go see him perform in the Mantis City days he did not disappoint.

Look! It’s our friend Jane Pain! Somehow she got roped into being Tobias’s wardrobe assistant.

Tobias’s costume deserves more detailed exploration. He’s an accomplished visual artist and the musical element is only a portion of the entire experience.

Five foot wingspan? Check.

Spiked heels? Check.

Metal codpiece? Check.

Spiked gauntlets and finger claw? Check.

Nipples that could poke an eye out of an adoring fan? Check.

After the performance I stuck around to celebrate the Wierd by watching all the reveling lovelies stake their claims for the night.

It’s everyone’s favorite death rock heartthrob Christian Count of Cult of Youth!

Soren did a stellar condom impression. Liz was appropriately impressed.

Pieter Schoolwerth with the lovely Sybil Disobedience/Syb Vicious/Minimal Syb or whatever we’re calling her these days.

At around 3:30 am I somehow managed to climb the stairs and pull myself out of the smoke filled basement of Home Sweet Home without falling on my face, my ears still pounding from the music. While looking at the cold sliver of the waning crescent moon I found myself wondering if we have time for 500 more. A girl can only hope.