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New Video: 1,2,3 - "Scared But Not That Scared"

It's not a cult! It's a "Family!"

Do people still get sucked into cults? Seriously? It's like, how totally sad and desperate for any kind of interpersonal contact or external validation do you have to be to toally lose yourself in a bullshit social structure ultimately just held together by our collective belief that a life is only as good as the value others give it and – hang on, someone on Facebook just commented on a photo we Instagrammed of our lunch.


Anyway, this new video for 1,2,3's "Scared But Not That Scared" features frontman Nic Snyder as a "benevolent" cult leader who "guides his brothers and sisters on a journey to the Great Prarie" (this is probably what it says in the brochure – really, they all just kill themselves). It's directed-edited by Sue-Ling Braun and animated by Sophie Gate.

Watch the video over at Noisey.