Hanging out in the Heat with Heather Lighton


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Hanging out in the Heat with Heather Lighton

Kinda like our own summer, but more dreamy and less sweaty.

Summertime ballin' with Jo. All photos by Heather Lighton

When she's not taking photos of ridiculously cute dogs in ridiculous accessories, Heather Lighton is taking photos of beautiful young people in soft pastel tones. While we can't deny the appeal of a chihuahua in a sombrero (who can, really?), we asked the Melbourne-based photographer to shoot some photos of summer babes. Here's Heather's summer in the city.


You can follow more of Heather's work here.

Scissors never wins.

Marlee got jumped.

Watching the dunks.

Tessie and Marlee with orange smiles.

Talking about yoga and boys.

Who run this pool? Girls.

Wet hair and astrology.

Watching the boys but not feeling it.

Katie's first dip.

Babes who dive together stay together.This article is presented in partnership with Captain Morgan