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Wake Up! Traingate Is an Illuminati Conspiracy

Or a false flag operation, or the work of an Unknown Power. We need the full facts and we need them now.
August 25, 2016, 11:30am

Mr Corbyn & team walked past empty unreserved seats then filmed claim train was 'ram-packed' — Richard Branson (@richardbranson)August 23, 2016

What really happened that day on the 11:00 train from London Kings Cross to Newcastle? Who lied, who cheated, who fudged the evidence or hid the facts when Jeremy Corbyn was filmed sitting down on the floor of a Virgin train on the 11th of August? We're far outside the realms of ordinary experience here – those normal occurrences like getting on a train and not being able to find a seat – and heading deep into a murky shadow-world, where something awaits us.


All the ingredients are there: a callous, lying politician who will do everything it takes to achieve his strange and unpopular mission – or, if you'd prefer, a campaigning MP whose fight for justice has made him the enemy of secret powers too vast to contemplate. An innocent private interest, just trying to provide the best service it can while turning an honest profit, cynically maligned by those in power – or a shadowy international conglomerate that runs our trains, our planes, our phones, our TVs, all commanded by a narcissistic billionaire from his base on a private island. A train with an indeterminate number of empty seats, people popping in and out of existence (Illuminati disintegration rays? A rip in the fabric of reality?) while Jeremy Corbyn squats, blasphemous and grinning, on the ground. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

The official narrative was this: Jeremy Corbyn boarded the 11AM train, hoping to get off at York, and couldn't find any free seats – so, like the man of the people he is, he sat on the floor between carriages, and recorded a short video pointing out the stresses in British rail infrastructure and arguing for public ownership, which quickly seeped across the internet. And you can believe that if you want, sheeple. Believe your happy lies, go back to sleep – but the fearless truth-tellers at Virgin Trains have been looking at the actual evidence, and they've found some things that They don't want you to know.


CCTV images from the train were released, blurry but timestamped and showing someone who looks a lot like Jeremy Corbyn walking through a train carriage that's full of empty seats. The train video was an inside job, staged as witlessly as the moon landings or the JFK assassination; Corbyn lied, he lied about overcrowding on British trains. And you can leave it at that if you want; that's what most people seem to be doing. But think about this: Is it really a coincidence that Corbyn boarded the eleven AM train on the eleventh of August?

Think about this for a second: add up those four ones along with 8 for the month August, and you get 12; add up those digits and you get 3, the number of the Illuminati triangle. The numbers in 2016 produce 9, three threes. Numbers have powers; what we're witnessing is the elaborate construction of a prison for our minds.

Some of Jeremy Corbyn's defenders have tried to rescue the man's reputation with their own scrupulous examination of the pictures released by Virgin Trains. In one image, he's shown walking through a mostly-empty carriage, but one in which every seat is marked by a reservation ticket; they've built an alternate history of events, in which Corbyn first walks through a half-full carriage trying to finds two seats together so he could talk to his wife, gives up, and sits on the floor.

The less awakened, still stuck in three-dimensional reality, are trying to build a timeline of exactly which seats were occupied at which times. It's been pointed out that the "empty" Coach H, as Virgin themselves admit, is a restaurant coach without any power outlets. It's been noticed that seats which appear empty are in fact occupied by children or luggage. Dig deep into these images, and you'll find things that don't add up, secret resonances, hidden dimensions. The truth is out there. But it's further way than you think.


Start with the now-famous image of Corbyn walking through a mostly empty carriage – draw a line through all the reservation stubs, and try to tell me that what we're seeing isn't a piece of Eighteenth-Dynasty Egyptian magic:

This isn't just a picture of a train carriage, it's a set of malign astral symbols, functioning on a subconscious level to rewire your DNA. But for whom? Let's look at another picture, purportedly showing Jeremy Corbyn outside the Food bar on Coach H:

Innocuous, right? Wrong. The seven visible faces form a star-map, a visual representation of the Pleiades cluster. In Greek mythology these stars were held to be seven sisters who had killed themselves after the death of their father, and to this day it is astrologically identified with mourning, sorrow, and tragedy.

The form of the Pleiades is a powerful sigil, one that brings misery in its wake – but according the modern Ufology, this star system is also the home of a powerful race of alien beings, the Nordics or Pleiadeans, who take on a physical form resembling pale, blond, bearded European men. In other words, creatures bearing an uncanny resemblance to none other than the owner of Virgin Trains, Richard Branson.

We need more information, and we need it now. With more data we should be able to build up a total picture of exactly which seats were occupied at exactly what times, so we can map it on a plan of a Virgin train and look for patterns: pentagrams, hexes, power-systems beaming information about our tiny, vulnerable world up to the stars. Already, people are trying to claim that all this is a stupid distraction: it's an evident fact that Britain's privatised rail services are overcrowded, and that many people really have been forced to sit on the floor; whether or not Jeremy Corbyn missed a free seat on the 11:00 to Newcastle is irrelevant. I know better, and so do those heroes of the truth still sifting through the footage, still chasing the conspiracy down the aisle of that mysterious train. Did Corbyn deliberately pretend to not be able to find a seat? The future of our whole planet might depend on that question.



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