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Election '15

We Filmed at UKIP's Insane Party Conference

Farage's party attracted hordes of protesters to Margate, Kent, where everyone thought everyone else was scum.

How do you make a nationalist cry? Steal his England flag.

In the build up to May's general election, VICE's Gavin Haynes hits the campaign trail to hang out at UKIP's spring conference in Margate, on the Kentish coast. The polls reckon party leader Nigel Farage is on course to become MP for neighbouring Thanet, but is this part of the country really Britain in microcosm, or is Margate just the town with the most unbagged dog shits in the UK*?

Outside the conference we meet angry motorists, left-wingers who think UKIP are racist scum, and right-wingers who think the left-wingers are scum for calling UKIP racist. It's confusing, the weather's miserable, everything's a mess and a nationalist gets upset when someone steals his flag. In short, it's modern British democracy in action.

*actual fact

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