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See You in Toronto

Our friends over at Thump made this awesome mini-documentary about the dance scene in Toronto to celebrate the upcoming Red Bull Thre3style championship.

In just a few days—November 4th all the way through the 9th, to be exact—a smattering of absurdly talented DJs from all around the planet will touch down in Toronto for the Red Bull Thre3style World Finals. In case you’re not the type to follow DJ competitions, you should know that Thre3style is undoubtedly the world’s best DJ competition, because it’s actually geared towards the dance floor and not just about seeing who can do the most impressive technical tricks with their knobs and faders and old timey vinyl. Plus, besides all the international big shots flying in from all over to play their MP3s in Toronto, there’s a bunch of homegrown talent from the ol’ 416/647 that will be taking part as well.


That leads us to the video we’ve embedded above where our pal from Brooklyn, DJ Jubilee, who also happens to be a Thre3style judge, took a trip all around Toronto to learn about how the dance scene works up here in Canada’s largest city. She chatted with a whole bunch of electronic sound makers, including Dim Mak superstars Keys N Krates and Autoerotique, bass magicians Hunter Siegel and Marcus Visionary, techno impresarios Gingy and Alixander III, and frequent Thre3style performers Grandtheft and Skratch Bastid. So go ahead and watch Toronto’s best dance architects discuss things like Torro Torro's secret love affair, the perils of trap EDM, why Bruce Trail is a wizard, who goes to metal shows, and how Hamilton, Ontario is the darkest place on the planet Earth. Enjoy.