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Everyday Hero Tries to Scale the Trump Tower Using Suction Cups

The guy Spidermanned his way as far up as the fifth floor, drawing cops and a growing crowd of onlookers.

— Jason Chu (@JasonC1219)August 10, 2016

A fearless everyday hero with four suction cups and nothing to lose took it upon himself to scale the side of Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan Wednesday afternoon, New York Post reports.

The guy reportedly Spidermanned his way as far up as the fifth floor by 4 PM, drawing cops to try and talk him down and a growing crowd of onlookers watching the brave soul climb ever higher, one giant sucker after another.


The scene in front of Trump tower where a man is climbing up the building. Legit like 30 police cars and blocked off — heather (@hnb6458)August 10, 2016

At the time of publishing, the guy is still climbing. You can watch his progress live from now until the cops nab him, if you so desire. Until that happens, we can only speculate about his motives.

Trump Tower climber is being watched by NYPD — Aaron Katersky (@AaronKatersky)August 10, 2016

Is this some kind of protest? Is he an admiring Trump fan, hoping to get a glimpse inside his gilded palace? Could the climber be trying to prove that even if Trump gets that insane wall built, someone can easily just suction their way over it? Only time will tell.

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