This Couple Took Photos of Their Moldy Food and Grubby Kitchen


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This Couple Took Photos of Their Moldy Food and Grubby Kitchen

These photography students took photos of furry spaghetti and blistered pancakes for art.
February 7, 2016, 12:00am

This article originally appeared on VICE Germany

Wherever there are rules, those rules will be broken. That's why not following the cleaning rota you set up with your housemates often leads to screaming matches, or a casual case of entrenched bitterness. When we decided to move in together a few years ago, we purposefully chose the path of least resistance. It spares us the bad vibes, but still has some drawbacks. After a while, it suddenly becomes hard to say who is responsible for the mountain of dishes towering above the sink, or when a pot turns into a science experiment and mysteriously disappears onto the balcony for a few days (or weeks).


The most exciting things in our flat usually take place in the kitchen, while cooking, eating, cleaning (or, more accurately, not cleaning). Since most of our conversations, unsurprisingly for long-time photography students, revolved around the subject of photography, it was only a matter of time before we started to explore the microcosmos in our kitchen, with cameras in hand.

Since then, we've consistently documented the fuzz and slime that blooms when we forget to chuck things out. To be clear, even though so much food is thrown away each year in Germany where we live, we didn't let our soup go moldy for the sake of it. All these photos were taken of lost treasures found deep within our fridge. Somehow, photography became the perfect form of therapy for some of the visual trauma we caused ourselves over the years.

You can find Nikita's work here, and Max's here.