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The FBI Is Worried Anarchists Will Rise Up Against Cops This Halloween

Federal law enforcement issued a warning to police departments that something called the National Liberation Militia is planning some sort of attack.
NYPD fencing in Occupy demonstrators in 2011. Photo via Flickr user Paul Stein

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A mysterious-sounding anarchist organization called the National Liberation Militia is allegedly planning a war on police this Halloween, at least according to an alert released by the FBI on Monday, CBS News reports.

The Bureau sent a bulletin to police departments around the country warning that this so-called "Halloween Revolt" may involve members of the anarchist group dressed up in masks and ambushing police with bottles and bricks and other Warriors-esque weaponry, according to the New York Post.

The NYPD is apparently "monitoring the situation," though the FBI did not hint at an attack targeting New York City, specifically.

It is not immediately clear what the National Liberation Militia is or if it has a website, but there is a stub of a Facebook page for an organization of that name, which three people have liked.