Smear on Some Glitter and Get Lost with the Acid Punk of Timmy’s Organism

The Detroit band's new song is bold and strong, and will hit you right in the solar plexus.
December 4, 2016, 11:24pm

The rowdy guitar music of Timmy Vulgar harks back to when rock n roll was wild and unpredictable. A time when rock stars walked around in ripped shirts. On stage and off. Vulgar has become a garage punk cult hero with his work in Detroit bands Epileptix, Clone Defects, and Human Eye. All have featured loud guitars and Vulgar's blazing, often humorous, approach to songwriting.

Timmy's Organism began in the late 2000s as Vulgar's four-track experimental solo project but has morphed into a band featuring Jeff Fournier and Blake Hill. Their latest track, "Lick Up Your Town," the A-side of a new record coming out on Total Punk continues Vulgar's songwriting with waves of feedback, wah wah, and references to cave men.

It's bold, it's strong, and it will hit you right in the solar plexus.

'Lick Up Your Town' will be available early 2017 on Total Punk.

Image: Bandcamp