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PREMIERE: Watch Jeezy and Lil Wayne's Video for "Bout That"

'Trap or Die 3' sounds like a choice, but watching this video is mandatory.

Jeezy once famously offered up a simple choice: trap or die. Two installments later, the choice is still there but more clearly decided: Trap or Die 3, released at the end of October, debuted at number one. When offered the choice, you choose trapping, and you choose Jeezy, who, on "Bout That," his collaboration with Lil Wayne from the album, points out, "don't be talking bout the trapping shit I opened up the door for that."


The song is filled with punchlines—"it's real in the field went and bought a set of cleats​" is a personal favorite—reminding us that Jeezy, as he says, could have stopped after 101, but that it would have been a shame if he had. Such noted publications as the one you are reading right now​have advised you to put this song on your "tr​ap vision board." If you need more visual cues for that vision board, though, check out the video below, which features lots of sick shots of Lamborghinis and Ferraris and a mural of Donald Trump fighting Lady Liberty and Lil Wayne looking straight up menacing—plus, of course, Jeezy looking like the rap kingpin he is in a variety of snowman gear. Jeezy's cooking up his clientele's favorite dish, and in this case it's badass music. Grab a serving now.

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