Nardwuar Talked to Lil Yachty About Childhood and Coldplay and There Was Much Rejoicing

There is lots of laughter and lots of talks about shopping malls in this, for some reason.
August 9, 2016, 3:21pm

Image via YouTube

Lil Yachty and Nardwuar—two guys who are about even in hyperactive giddiness levels—have faced off in a new interview. Yachty spends most of the first five minutes giggling as Nardwuar shows him old childhood photos and Yachty comments on his previous, Do the Right Thing-inspired hairstyles. Yachty also discloses that he first learned about the chilly Minnesota climate he made famous by visiting the Mall of America, which kickstarts a much larger discussion of the shopping malls in Yachty's life.

The best part is definitely when Nardwuar pulls out a vinyl copy of Coldplay's 2014 album Ghost Stories and Yachty loses his shit. "Bruh, this is my favourite album of all time! I can sing every song on this bitch from head to toe," he says before doing just that. Later, Burberry Perry shows up and helps explain the Rugrats sample he used on "All Times." There is joy and weirdness here so watch the interview below.

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