Clayton Kershaw Gives Laz Diaz A Thumbs Up For Ejecting Him


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Clayton Kershaw Gives Laz Diaz A Thumbs Up For Ejecting Him

Kershaw kills 'em with kindness.
September 7, 2014, 11:51pm

In the seventh inning in Los Angeles today, Oliver Perez hit Andre Ethier and the home plate umpire quickly warned both benches. Don Mattingly did not appreciate this and went out to yell some and voice his displeasure, but he eventually went back to the dugout. As Mattingly made his way back, Laz Diaz came out of nowhere and tossed someone on the LA bench. In the video here, you can see that it was Clayton Kershaw. After he's been ejected, Kershaw also yells some, blows a bubble with his gum, and sarcastically gives Diaz the thumbs up as he heads back to the locker room.


Before Ethier's at bat, Adrian Gonzalez and Matt Kemp hit back-to-back homers. It turned a 3-2 nail biter into a 7-2 Dodgers rout. Perez was likely salty about that so he plunked Ethier, and the Dodgers were equally salty that he wasn't tossed. Somehow it wound up that a starting pitcher who was not even pitching today was the only guy thrown out. If you're going to get tossed, though, blowing a huge bubble with your gum and flashing a fuck you thumbs up is a pretty good way to make your exit.

h/t @RyanWaltonVBN