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Dance Worlds Collide on Lao’s New Single "Perfil"

The title track from the NAAFI producer’s forthcoming EP offers a chopped-up take on Caribbean and Latin sounds.
Arte por Sangree

NAAFI producer Lao has melded grime, jungle, reggaeton, and other styles in the past, so it is fitting that his latest release treads new global territory in an unexpected but catchy combination of sounds. "Perfil" is the title track off of the Mexico City DJ and producer's forthcoming Perfil EP, which comes out on April 28 from NAAFI.

Amid the chopped and re-woven dembow samples on "Perfil" is some seriously speaker-shaking bass, which dovetails nicely with the song's stripped down melodic elements. Lao explained that the combination of different styles and instruments—Caribbean dembow, synthesized Latin-style electric guitar, pentatonic scales, and more—is the key to his EP's sound.

"This is the main theme, I like how the different melodies interweave," said Lao in an email to THUMP. "It makes [the] track important because they combine different styles."

Listen to "Perfil" below and look out for Lao's Perfil EP from NAAFI on April 28.