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The Guggenheim's New Hot Dog Cart Is the Guggenheim of Hot Dog Carts

Streamlined, modern, and stacked with condiments, this designer hot dog cart is the ultimate artisanal food source.
September 25, 2016, 11:35am
All images courtesy Arquimaña

Taking a trip to the museum oft involves wandering around a gallery space, seriously or casually considering different exhibitions, and later noshing on a well-deserved snack after consuming plenty of culture. The Salchiboxto hot dog cart combines the best of both of these worlds, in the most literal sense; the name is a direct translation of two Basque words, salchicha, meaning sausage, and botxo, a friendly nickname for the city of Bilbao.


Boasting a sleek and portable design, the Salchiboxto offers a peek into the craft culture of Bilbao. Sausage from the family butcher shop La Moderna, craft beers from La Salve, buns from a local bakery, as well as an original sauce and mustard concoction from the Guggenheim come together to create mouth-watering designer hot dog.

The design studio behind Salchiboxto, Arquimaña (on commission from the BISTRÓ Guggenehim Bilboa), talks with The Creators Project about the aesthetic details: “The stall had to fulfill some very clear premises, avoid the archetype of a typical hot dog cart and evoque the essence of the crafted products with a balance of tradition and modernity. The result is a unfoldable cart made with steel structure painted in white, surfaced with oak, and custom, laser-cut aluminium doors that provide shade when opened. The unfoldable desk gives the people a place to stay calm around the stall and enjoy both the beer and the hot dog.

“The cart can be plugged in streetlights and can hold up to 150 bottles of beer and 500 sausages. It has a removable griddle and a stereo sound system which allows use at alternative culinary events inside the Bistro Guggenheim.”

Currently, the cart is a fixture of the Bistro Guggenheim, the Guggenheim Bilbao's namesake restaurant. Find more information about Salchiboxto’s designers here.


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