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The Psychedelic Posthuman Portraiture Of Murat Sayginer

Get your mind warped by post-body faces.

Self-described visionary artist Murat Sayginer isn’t very far off in his analysis. Though he is a Prague-born creative who got his start as a photographer, his short films offer CG interpretations of humans through the lens of a post-body future. Really, as internet junkies, that post-body future might already be here. Sayginer, however, isn’t the kind of artist with a heavy-handed message. As he’s made clear before, his films are open to an assortment of interpretations.


But as our relationship with technology continues to change, what constitutes as a self-portrait and the way we envision ourselves will take on grandiose dimensions not unlike what we see in the work of Sayginer. Even his progression from an augmented reality photographer to CG futurist reflects that evolution.

Unique Technique (2008)

Still from the short film Ratio (2013)

The Refractive Map of a Flying Fish (2010)

Still from the short film Volans (2014)

And as mind-shattering as his interpretation of the self is in his 2013 film Ratio, where a paranormal disco ball fuses with a congregation of self-willed rocks to form a bust …

…it pales in comparison to the imaginative exuberance of the cosmic Volans—despite the films being only three months apart.

Watch both films below.





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