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Graffiti Writers Will Hate This

That's okay, though. The developers of 'Kingspray Graffiti Simulator' hope to attract some virtual graffitos.
Images via Kingspray

Tag a building in reality, and you run the risk of getting caught. Do it in virtual reality with a simulator, and you obviously nullify that risk. But when you remove the potential of getting caught, not to mention eliminating the alteration of actual physical spaces, do you retain the fun of being a graffito? If Kingspray Graffiti Simulator is any indication, virtual graffiti can be accurate and convincing, right down to the drips of paint and the grimy, dilapidated urban spaces where graffiti generally appears.


Kingspray gives users control over spray pattern width and colors, amongst other visual aspects of the paint, while also offering an option for time of day. It's not exactly a graffiti practice app like Fat Tag, but users can also save their work and share it on social media. Kingspray even has radio stations that users can tune into while tagging.

Now, if the developers offered some police patrols, security guards and rubbernecking passersby, as well as a penalty and reward system for virtual graffitos, that would spice things up nicely.

Click here for updates on Kingspray’s development and release.


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