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35 Young Artists Join Forces to Celebrate the Spring

Two young curators commission new works by 35 artists for 'The First Day of Spring' art show.
April 1, 2016, 1:43pm
Minister Akins, An Overcast on Palm Sunday #2. Images courtesy the curators

The official first day of Spring was about 10 days ago, but young artists are still celebrating the Vernal Equinox in Brooklyn. Curated by Jo Rosenthal and Claire Christerson, “two artists and friends who love spongebob, makeovers, and hanging out at the mall,” the First Day of Spring Art Show comprises new works from 35 around the theme of the first day of spring.

Situated inside the studio of rising-star ceramics artist Group Partner, the works in the show are ephemeral, experimental, and at times, sentimental. There’s a sweet little readymade sculpture by Young Gun Lee made of the outer layer of an onion with a handful of dirt and a shelled seed inside; hearking back to some of Alison Knowles’ works with food. But there’s also the grotesque contribution by Christopher Willauer, which appears to be snot on paper.

Young Gun Lee, Onion with Dirt

Other works appear in video, GIF, or image macro format, like Minister AkinsAn Overcast on Palm Sunday #2, which initially appears to be a still image, but soon reveals itself as a moving portrait in GIF form. Some directly engage with the springtime theme, like some resin-encased leaves by Natasha LeSourd, while others are more abstract.

Ambar Navarro, Cherry Blossoms are popping up all over my feed. Still from video, 2016

Rachel Zaretsky, Where is my Body. 

Olimpia Dior and PRIMA PRIMO, Still from music video

Christopher Willauer

Amanda Torres, Hot Sweat

Not to be confused with the Spring/Break Art Show, the First Day of Spring Art Show is a much more low-key affair, focused on under-the-radar artists creating work on a central theme. It opened on March 19 in a space at 892 Lorimer street in Brooklyn, and runs for two weeks. Special thanks to Isaac Nichols and Ken Lavey.

For more on the curators, click through: Claire Christerson and Jo Rosenthal.


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