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Wes Anderson's Bad Dads Inspire Good Art

A new art book inspired by Wes Anderson features father figures that range from good to bad to Bill Murray,
The Wes Anderson Collection: Bad Dads by Spoke Art Gallery featuring a foreword by Wes Anderson © Abrams Books, 2016

The theme of fatherhood is as central to Wes Anderson's films as paisley and old-school technology. Children find their estranged fathers. Adults allow others to fill the desperately-needed father figure roles, all the while owning up to the realization that dads are humans, too. These potent themes first sparked a Wes Anderson-inspired art show at San Francisco's Spoke Gallery in 2011, which has since become a yearly event called Bad Dads. Over 400 artists have contributed to the project over the past five years, bringing countless Wes Anderson followers into conversation with the art world.


This year, the best work from the show will become a book called Bad Dads: Art Inspired by the Films of Wes Anderson (Abrams Books). Bad Dads is out August 9th, with a special forward from Anderson himself. In honor of Father's Day, we've got a special sneak preview of the show, featuring father figures that range from good to bad to Bill Murray, below:

Codeczombie, Steve Zissou’s Adventure in Resin, Hand-painted resin figurine, acrylic 2 ≈ 7.5"

Ruben Ireland, Margot Fine Art, giclée print 16 ≈ 20"

Ivonna Buenrostro, Le temps de l’amour, Fine art giclée print 16 ≈ 20"

Isaac Bidwell, The Sinking of the Belafonte, Screen print, 18 ≈ 24"

Learn more on the Bad Dads: Art Inspired by the Films of Wes Anderson official website. The book is available for purchase August 9, 2016.


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