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Animated Music Video Turns a Phosphorescent Garden into Rave Central

Animator Kim Taylor draws the dancing mushrooms you'd find in a fungal nightclub.
Images courtesy the aritst

You'd be hard-pressed to find a warehouse or nightclub display that can top the bouncing, phosphorescent visuals animator and producer Kim Taylor envisions in the new music video for his self-produced track, "Flore." Surreal animated mushrooms, flowers, and fungi designed over the course of a full year set the scene, creating what Taylor calls "an immersive visual world for [the music] to live in."


"Electronic music by its very nature is synthetic, and traditional techno aesthetics are very digital, cold and geometric. I like the idea of turning this on its head and pairing the music with something organic and natural, but still with a dark nocturnal vibe," Taylor tells The Creators Project.

Sponteneity and improvisation were important to the video's design process, as Taylor sketched out each plant in Cinema4D and After Effects in between making films like Celestial Dynamics and music videos including "Stormy Skies" by Wyles & Simpson. " Although the majority of the compositions draw inspiration from real-life plants, they have been purposefully made different, as it was not my aim to create something completely realistic and true to life," he explains. "Instead, the plants inhabit their own hyper-real space with kaleidoscopic centers, exploding petals and phosphorescent gills."

Watch the video for "Flore" above, and check out our favorite twisted shrubs below.

See more of Kim Taylor's work on his website.

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