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Bill Nye Bow Tie Commemorates Hubble's 25th Anniversary

Slow Factory's #Hubble25 collection recreates the iconic imagery of Nasa’s famous telescopes on scarves, bracelets, and even a Neil deGrasse Tyson tie.
April 17, 2015, 9:49pm
Globular Cluster, silk bow tie. Images via, courtesy the artist

For 25 years, the Hubble telescope has instilled light-years of wonder in our eyes, hearts, and imaginations, and now, thanks to Slow Factory, on our bodies. Alongside their fleet of astronomical collections, including Mars scarves and satellite wraps, Slow Factory adds the new #Hubble25 collection, celebrating the telescope's historic images and 25th birthday with galactic accessories.

Traveling back to the earliest days of Hubble, designer Céline Semaan Vernon plays upon a grainy 1998 photo of star HR 8799 for Decade Old Planet, a pixelated scarf with an intentionally outdated appearance. “Looks like nintendo or some kind of retro art!” explains Vernon. Other new designs, like Globular Cluster, sport the image of a massively stellar core of activity recently captured in shiny, spectacular detail. “We love this print so much,” says Vernon, that, in addition to a Globular scarf, “we made a Bill Nye's bow tie and a Neil de Grasse Tyson Tie in their honor.”


Check out Slow Factory's #Hubble25 collection below:

Globular Cluster, large silk scarf

Witch Head Nebula, bracelet

Pillars of Creation, large silk scarf

Globular Cluster, silk tie

Decade Old Planet, large silk scarf. 

Globular Cluster, silk bow tie

These otherworldly designs and more are available Slow Factory.


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