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Sculptures Come to Life in an Augmented Reality Art Gallery

The mystical creatures in Josue Abraham's 'Virtualidades' are invisible without the help of your screen.
Images courtesy the artist

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The inside of Mexico's Galeria Merida might look scattered with low-fi sculptures and recycled readymades, but through the power of augmented reality, artist and professor Josue Abraham's secret digital world emerges. Hold a tablet or smartphone up to the pieces in his Virtualidades exhibition and they come to life: broken mannaquins become whole, walls sprout robot arms, and tiny fairies flit about the room.


The augmented reality experience is Abraham's first dive into the Metaio software that made it possible. While teaching art direction at Universidad Autonoma de Mexico in Merida, he experiments with new technologies surrounding photography, sculpture, theatre, and more. Although it debuted back in April 2014, Virtualidades remains a novel take on the possibilities for sculpture that goes beyond the realm of the physical. Check it out below:

Explore more of Josue Abraham's AR world on YouTube and learn more about his work on his blog.

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