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Create Colors and Music by Plucking a Room-Sized "Light Harp"

You control the light art at Iregular's newest installation, 'The Color of Things.'
Images courtesy the artist

Glowing rainbow strings await visitors to interactive art group Iregular's latest installation, The Color of Things. While colorful lights are projected onto the harp-like arrangement of plastic tubes, infrared sensors detect visitors plucking and strumming them like an illuminated, larger-than-life instrument. The pitch black room, combined with back-projected lights and sounds (programmed with actionscript, javascript, and HTML 5), creates an eerie cave of sensory experiences, made magical by the fact that you're in control. Above, the video demonstration captures visitors tentatively twanging the rows of tubing, building up to enthusiastic swishes and flicks of the wrist that reveal a hidden message within the space.


The Color of Things is a two-part installation, and the other element lives on the web as an interactive site Iregular designed for the Chromatic Festival in Paris, where the installation debuted. Users can interact with it by clicking around the page, revealing images of works from the festival as a trail that appears behind your cursor. Click on The Color of Things button on the page, and a virtual version of the installation appears right in your browser. "This project represents very well the type of experiences we create. Interactive experiences that connect the web and physical world to tell one story and use each medium in its own specific way," Iregular founder Daniel Iregui tells The Creators Project. "Both parts explore the concept of perception and point of view and allow participants to find meaning with their interactions and the interaction of others."

Check out Iregular's past concert visuals, installations, and interactive experiences in our previous coverage, and see The Color of Things in the video above and images below:

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