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The Trump Art Dump

Here are 31 reasons to vote before the polls close.
Hanksy, Dump Turmp, 2015

Today we cast our ballots and cross our fingers with the hope that the 11 swing states that decide our president each year don't mess this up for America. In this moment of reflection, we're looking back at the dozens of gut-reactions, carefully-cultivated responses, and communal efforts from artists addressing the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Shortly after he called Mexicans crossing the southern United States border drug dealers and rapists in 2015, a Mexican-American artist named Fernando Sosa expressed his disdain for Trump by 3D-printing a butt plug in his image. Since then we've seen collages, Photoshop jobs, video art, Deepdream remixes, a tombstone, a hijacked bus, and a nude portrait of the Republican presidential nominee with a micropenis, all attempting to come to terms with the bigot who captivated so many Americans.


Below we have a generous sampling of the best creative musings on Donald Trump's personality and influence. It's difficult to remember a time when Trump wasn't dominating our news cycle, and in time these artworks themselves may be looked at as either scars left on the art world, or our cultural immune system healthy response to an invasive presence.

The Donald Trump Butt Plug

Deepdreamed Donald Trump Speech

1.35 Billion Donald Trumps Saying "China" at Once

We Analyze the Donald Trump Campaign's Design Choices

Apocalyptic Political Portraits in Microsoft Paint 

Johnny Depp's Prosthetic Trump Performance

Ronald McDonald Trump

Sarah Levy's Period Paintings

Dump Trump Mural

Whatever, Sarah Levy, 2016

Trump Blow Up Doll

Artists Repurposed an Old Donald Trump Campaign Bus

100 Women Bare It All Against Trump

Election Merch Designed by Twitter Haters

Adolf Trump

Japanese Donald Trump Commercial

Donald Trump, Ass Clown


Scott Scheidly, Ass Clown, 2016

Illma Gore's Portrait of Trump with a Micropenis

The Trump Tombstone

The Artist-Run Super PAC

Illma Gore, Make America Great Again, 2016


Dinild Trimp

The Trump Soundbite Game

An Artist Stole Trump's Used Fork…and Kept It

“I’ll build a beautiful wall, with my name on it.” The Politician (Karen Finley) address the nation from the veranda of Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, California. Judy Phu/Far East of Eden

The Champ Kelly Slater Weighed in with an Election-Themed Art Show

Karen Finley Becomes Trump, Bernie, and Hillary

The Oh So Satisfying Trump Urinal

"I See Bad Hombres"

MIT's Nightmare Machine Turns on The Donald

The Performance Artist Who Stalked and Campaigned for Donald Trump in the Year 2000

Aphex Twin and Weirdcore's Election Spectacular


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Every vote counts, so remember to hit the polls on November 8, and check out the VICE Guide to the 2016 Election.


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