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Projection Mapped Sculpture Combines 2D, 3D, Digital, And Physical

Kit Webster's Vertex has the appearance of being structurally unsound to create a sense of spatial unease.
August 22, 2013, 8:30pm

Kit Webster often juxtaposes multiple visualization techniques to create experimental works and his sculpture Vertex is the latest to showcase this philosophy. It's a projection mapped abstraction that protrudes into its surrounding space, with the aim to "redefine its environment and create a sense of spatial unease".

Designed in Cinema 4D, with the content developed in Cinema 4D and After Effects, it was mapped using MadMapper. Made up of 33 facets the piece's surfaces can be completely illuminated using two projectors. Various video elements can be isolated for specific areas and alternating textures can be shown on different faces, along with "artificial shadowing derived from the CAD model [which] can be projected back onto its physical counterpart, raising the idea of the existence of a 2.5D ‘interdimension’."

This way the sculpture becomes a framework for the interplay of 2D, 3D, digital, and physical. "The sculpture also seems to exist in a way that does not clearly position it within its space." notes Webster. "With shards that pierce its surroundings, the piece seems to be fixed yet broken, conveying a sense of controlled chaos."

The piece was recently shown at Dark Horse Experiment in Melbourne, Australia.

Images courtesy of Kit Webster