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Weird and Wonderful Digital Art from a Millennial POV

Artist Francesco Vullo intelligently lampoons popular trends with his digital compositions.
Iron Jaws. All images courtesy the artist

In a misty abyss depicted in Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, allights an alluring symbol of modern civilization: McDonald’s golden arches. Italian artist Francesco Vullo intelligently lampoons popular trends with his digital compositions. He finds fascination and irreverence in the models of modern-day society and chooses to depict them with his cerebral aesthetic. Another tongue-and-cheek design depicts a pair of “selfie lips” encased in air-tight plastic, resting rather grotesquely on a styrofoam platter as if they were delivered from the butcher moments ago. The artist uses digital manipulation and painting technique to imbue new cultural implications to his weird and wonderful Pop-ish pieces. The Milan-based artist talks of his love of storytelling through imagery.


"My main goal," shares the 22-year-old artist, "is to express my vision of the world and the current events through my works, trying always to be contemporary and trying to provoke a reaction. My work is strongly influenced by events and contemporary culture and has many ironic nuances and messages of social criticism. I try to reveal irreverent visions of today’s world remixing classic paintings, objects or known personalities with ironic elements and show the negative side of social networks, politics, industry, and commerce."

Washing Fine Art

Tennis Juice

Selfie Lips

I Scream

Lemon Pacman

The Great Escape—Brexit

Community Guidelines

When You See the Light

Emoji Saudi Arabia


To see more work from Francesco Vullo, including links to his newsletter sign-up and exciting Instagram, visit his artist website, here.


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