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This Is Truly A Trip Inside The Belly Of The Beast

This month a wild bear and shark each ate some specialty photo gear. Mother Nature is taking the world back, one camera at a time.
June 25, 2014, 2:15pm

This month, Mother Nature reared her ugly head and cried, “I’ve had enough of these POV camera videos!” Or, well, two of the wild's most notorious carnivores employed their claws and/or teeth to destroy some specialty photography equipment—offering an inside look at nature in the most literal sense.

When wildlife photographer Chris Weston tried to capture some wildlife footage in Alaska, the wildlife itself ended up doing the filming (sort of) as a 500-pound grizzly bear attempted to devour his camera whole. Similarly, diver Andy Casagrave IV was testing his slick, new 360 degree camera rig when an 18-foot great white shark swallowed the optical orb, casting it into the deep.


Weston is doing perfectly fine—great, in fact, since his camera miraculously survived the gaping maw of a fuzzy killing machine. Casagrave’s camera, on the other hand, did not survive, and is possibly still shooting 360-degree footage of the inside of a giant shark somewhere on the ocean floor.The suspense of what the film looks like is killing us, and we aren’t the only ones. There’s a $5000 reward for anybody who can retrieve the camera and footage from this behemoth.

Sure, animals have eaten cameras before—but with compact, durable POV cameras, we have a chance to see an odd slice of life that previously could have only been captured with the additional of a mauling. Two animals eating cameras in the past couple weeks may not necessarily be a coincidence—but things like these usually come in threes, right? Should we expect a massive boa constricter to swallow a panoramic camera next?

Use the GIFs below as motivation to check over your shoulder on all nature shoots, just in case a lion, tiger, bear, or any other predator might turn your expensive camera gear into an afternoon snack.

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