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The Northern Lights Were Spectacular Last Night

A massive geomagnetic storm put the Northern Lights on full blast for St. Patrick's Day.
Photo: Carl Jones. Image via 

Photographer Carl Jones never expected to see the Northern Lights from his home in Pwllheli, Wales. But last night, with the help of the massive geomagnetic storm that pushed the light show further from the poles than usual, he was able to snap the above photo of the pulsating aurora borealis. "I dusted off (literally, not used it in months) my D800 and setup in the back garden, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the night sky," he writes. "Suffice to say, it was worth the effort, I screamed at the kids to get their coats on and come out and watch the light show."


From Finland to Alaska, here's how the sky looked on St. Patrick's Day, 2015:

Espoo, Finland

Photo: Hansenit. Image via 

Photo: Timo Hölttä. Image via

Park Falls, Wisconsin, United States

Photo: Seth Carlson. Image via

Dunedin, New Zealand

Alberta, Canada

Photo: Drew May. Image via

Kaministiquia, Canada

Photo: Per. Image via

Kirkjubaejarklaustur, Iceland

Photo: Mary Madigan. Image via

Turku, Finland

Photo: Marko Vallius. Image via 


Photo: JLS PHotography. Image via


BONUS: Space

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Green from space. We have @Space_Station aurora views: [video]

— NASA (@NASA) March 17, 2015


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