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Watch This: A Low-Flying Plane in Slow Motion

We can't believe how close this plane gets to landing on a beach full of people.

The airport on St. Maarten's Island in the Bahamas is known for being extraordinarily close to a nearby public beach. Instagrammer Paul Luning captured one aircraft's (terrifyingly) low flight path in excrutiatingly slow motion. Watch the plane barely make it over the tourist-covered beach in this GIF, and then check out the entire video below.

Flying frequently tends to make one either bitter or obsessed with aviation. I fall into the latter category. Visiting Maho Beach in Saint Marteen was always on my bucket list. It's as crazy as it looks — planes landing just feet from a public beach.

A video posted by Paul Luning (@pluning) on Feb 14, 2015 at 9:45am PST


Via Reddit


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