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GIF Artists Imagine Souvenirs From Imaginary Places

Neverland, Gotham City, and Castle Greyskull become refrigerator decals in this awesome GIF set from Martin Feijoó, Miguel Sousa, Sara Enriquez, and Snack Studio.
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Souvenir magnets are the kinds of tchotchkes that make you remember the 75 degree Hawaiian weather while you grab the  almond milk from your refrigerator, then look outside your New York apartment window and watch the grey sleet rain down from dark clouods.

Now, imagine those same memories, but replace your family with a motley crew of characters, and Hawaii with Neverland. Trade in your surf lessons for a daring T-Rex escape from Jurassic Park sign, or a scuba tour of Atlantis—these are impossible vacations, to be sure, but what if you could still bring home the memories?


Impossible Magnets is collaborative project between Argentinian creative Martin Feijoó, Portuguese multidisciplinary Miguel Sousa, Spain-based digital art director, Sara Enriquez, illustrations and art direction and Portugal-based creative studio, Snack Studio. Together the team has created a dazzling collection of souvenir magnets from places you’ll never visit.

The idea is quite a romantic one, as this playful project infuses the mundane decals with the enhanced realities of popular fictions. The beautifully rendered and consistent graphics lend themselves to childhood bedtime story illustrations which only make us more nostalgic for the places we might only visit in our dreams.

Below, check out some of our favorite Impossible Magnets. Read more about the project on Behance, and purchase your own Impossible Magnets here.


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