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Creepy-Cute Provocative Illustrations Depict the Innocence of Self-Discovery

Sugary sweet yet erotic illustrations explore the transition of becoming a woman.
July 24, 2016, 11:50am
Images courtesy the artist and Modern Eden Gallery

Wearing blissful expressions and lulling about nature in stages of undress, the young women in Jana Brike's paintings are voyeuristic and unsettling. The supple and impeccably painted portraits from the series Superabundance of Ordinary Being, bring equal parts innocence and erotica. Reminiscent of the light, airy quality of French Rococo oil paintings, the artist injects a coming-of-age quality to her gossamer-light works. Brike's series relays feelings of innocence, but then shatters the illusion with provocative and sexualized imagery.


Brike tells The Creators Project, “This series of works was created at a time when I myself am going through a deeply introspective and emotionally difficult time. The relationship with the self creates the space for every other relationship one might have, so this is also a story of being aware of that space and keeping it clean of emotional and mental debris.”

See a few selections from the series from below:

Superabundance of Ordinary Being  will be the artist’s first solo show and will take place at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, beginning August 5th. Find more about the exhibit, here.


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