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Behind The Scenes Of The VFX That Earned Game Of Thrones An Emmy

Animation house Rodeo FX created an eye-opening VFX reel that shows Westeros before and after it's transformed with some CGI magic.

You know nothing—about the highly detail-oriented process that goes into making George R.R. Martin's fictional world come to life on TV. Nothing, that is, until you watch this eye-opening behind-the-scenes VFX reel from animation house Rodeo FX, the team responsible for many of the most breath-taking vistas in Game of Thrones—from The Wall bordering the North, to the giant pyramids of Meereen.

As the iconic Game of Thones theme plays in the background, empty desert plains fill with digitally animated Unsullied armies, tiny huts become the towering metropolis of Meereen, and mortal actors are transformed into the chillingly evil Wight Walkers. No matter how many of these glimpses we see behind the movie magic curtain, we're continually surprised by some of the lifelike characters, objects, and buildings that were actually created with computers—it's no wonder that Rodeo FX took home a statue at the Emmys on Monday.


Here are a few of the  moments from the FX reel that drive home how intertwined CGI is with the brilliant world-building that has helped make Game of Thrones one of the most watched shows on television.

To see what other projects Rodeo FX has brought to life, visit the animation house's website here.

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