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Short Film Turns A Night Drive In Tokyo Into A Kaleidoscopic Symphony Of Light

Hiroshi Kondo's film "Eye Now" warps a long ride home into something fantastical.
September 3, 2014, 1:30pm

Night drives can take on a certain surreal quality as street lights and car headlamps whizz past you and blurr together, warping life into something with a dreamy glaze.

Playing on that sensation and abstracting it into the hallicinatory is director Hiroshi Kondo's film Eye Know, accompanied by by Ayako Taniguchi's urgent piano playing. It starts with a few establishing shots showing us the streetlights and office spaces, before upping the ante with some hyperlapse effects, hinting at the abstraction to come.


Then it becomes a full-on kaleidoscopic madhouse of stimuli as the lights suddenly morph together and spark outwards into trailing intricate patterns like a firework display.It brings to mind the stargate trip in Kubrick's2001: A Space Odyssey.

Although Kondo no doubt used post-production CGI to create this wonderful short film, the next time you're a drowsy passenger in the back of a car, try squinting your eyes as you watch the lights go by and you might get a similar (if admittedly second rate) experience.

Images: Eye Know

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