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Watch Seth Troxler Cook for the Homeless at a Shelter in Amsterdam

We caught up with the Detroit DJ at the De Kloof Shelter where he participated in the 10,000 hours initiative.
January 21, 2016, 5:50pm

Seth Troxler may be known for his no-bullshit, sometimes-controversial opinions, but he's actually a real sweetheart (as well as quite the foodie). This year at Amsterdam Dance Event, the Michigan-bred DJ/producer flexed his culinary chops at the city's De Kloof Shelter as part of the 10,000 Hours initiative. Founded by Dutch event company ID&T, 10,000 Hours works with the electronic music community around the world to create volunteer projects that combat local challenges, from hunger to environmental issues.


In a new THUMP documentary, we hang out with Troxler as he helps prepare meals for the homeless—starting off with a quick lesson on selecting ripe produce. Troxler speaks about why charity work is important to him, having himself grown up poor with a single mother on the gritty outskirts of Detroit. He also talks about his lifelong love for food and cooking, and how feeding people food isn't that different from providing music for people to dance to: they're both about feeding souls and bringing joy.