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Skrillex to Deadmau5: "Stop Being a Fucking Bully"

In a new interview with Complex, Skrillex speaks candidly about his longtime acquaintance.
Photo of Skrillex by Jason Nocito, photo of deadmau5 courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Skrillex didn't mince his words when he was asked how he felt about deadmau5 in a recent interview. The OWSLA boss spoke candidly about the Canadian producer in an interview with Complex this week, saying that he took issue with the way deadmau5 had publicly spoken about Marshmello, one of OWSLA's up-and-coming artists. Earlier this year, deadmau5 published a series of since-deleted Tweets saying that Marshmello was "annoying" and had fans who were a "brain-dead posse of deaf sheep." When asked about the incident, Skrillex said in the interview that he felt deadmau5 was "acting like such a fucking bully."


"Marshmello is this young kid who looks up to deadmau5, and the first tweet he gets from deadmau5 is talking shit about him," he said. "That's when I had to stand up and be like, 'Stop being a fucking bully to people.'" He added: "It's sad, because I can't change the way deadmau5 is. He knows he's an asshole and he glorifies himself that way."

In the interview Skrillex also spoke about his plans to continue his forays into pop by working with Bruno Mars on his upcoming third album, following his acclaimed work in the genre with Diplo and Justin Bieber. He offers high praise for Mars, describing him as his "favorite songwriter to work with, and … the most fun guy to be in the studio with."

He also described working with his friend Jared Leto on the music video for "Purple Lamborghini," the single he produced for Rick Ross. In the video, Leto plays the character of The Joker that he plays in the film Suicide Squad, which features the song on its soundtrack.

Skrillex and deadmau5 have publicly feuded before, about subjects such as working with Justin Bieber and the politics of label management.

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